Note from Senator Joel Anderson about “Sanctuary State” Prop. 54 bill

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your help, our petition to stop California from becoming a sanctuary state has nearly 50,000 signatures.

I believe that if we get to 100,000 our impact will be impossible to ignore in the Capitol. I will personally bring the signatures to Governor Brown.

It’s important to look at real life examples to better understand the debate over sanctuary from immigration enforcement.

What does SB 54 actually say? That local law enforcement can’t give ICE personal information about undocumented inmates like their names, addresses, or release dates.

The top law enforcement officials in Kings County are working very hard to educate lawmakers and the public about the real impact of SB 54. They want to make it clear that they have no role in enforcing immigration policy, and they want all residents in their county to feel safe coming forward to report crimes.

They have provided this list as an example of current inmates about whom they would be forbidden from sharing any information with federal immigration enforcement. I hope that my colleagues in Sacramento take a long hard look at this list to understand the kind of people that SB 54 would shield.

I understand that many people are outraged by the federal government enforcing immigration law in public places; however SB 54 will not stop that. No policy created by a city or a state can supersede federal immigration law.

What SB 54 supporters have failed to explain is why there is a compelling public interest in obstructing immigration officials’ efforts to deport felons at the end of their prison sentence, before they are released back into the community. We’re talking about real life felons, such as the ones on the list from Kings County. Local Police and Sheriffs across California have made it very clear they don’t have any role in immigration enforcement – they merely want to cooperate with the federal government to remove dangerous criminals from our communities who prey on citizens and non-citizens alike.

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