Menifee church to bless the animals

Menifee United Church of Christ will conduct a blessing of the animals at its 10 a.m. Sunday Worship Service on Sunday, Oct. 11. “We do this in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, known as the patron saint of animals, whose Feast Day is in October,” said Senior Minister Bill Freeman. “Plus it’s always fun for the congregation and, […]

What’s in your blood?

Zachary Elliot Faith Columnist We inherit most of our character traits from our family. Everything from the way we treat people, to the way we talk about ourselves and even the way we save money can all be things we learn from our families, our bloodline. What is it you’ve learned from your family over […]

Menifee church begins a grief group

Menifee United Church of Christ is starting a grief group. The group will gather to express their feelings over the loss of a loved one, a job, an aspect of their health, etc., and to empathize with one another over the losses suffered by members of the group. “Losing a loved one or a job […]

Family First recipients honored

Family First recipients honored

TEMECULA—Several local citizens were recognized by a local church on Thursday night, Sept. 10, for living and promoting strong family values and for putting family first in their community. Laurence Boggeln, M.D., Temecula homemaker and mother of six Kelly Fitzpatrick and Temecula Valley High School Principal Allen Williams were each recognized for their contributions toward […]

Menifee church begins movie discussion group

MENIFEE—Menifee United Church of Christ is starting a movie discussion group. The group will watch and discuss the movie, “What Dreams May Come,” starring the late Robin Williams. “Robin Williams shines in this film about the afterlife,” Senior Minister Bill Freeman said. “His performance demonstrates again his skills as a dramatic actor and not just […]

Two are better than one

Zachary Elliott Faith Columnist I once had a guy tell me that he didn’t need friends. He said that he was fine by himself and he didn’t need to have guys to watch sports with or go fishing with. When he told me this I thought, “How strange. What a weird person to not want […]

Menifee church offers food, clothing to needy

MENIFEE—Menifee United Church of Christ has begun a food pantry and clothing closet for people in need. “Even though the economy is improving somewhat, there are still plenty of people who need help,” the church’s Senior Minister Bill Freeman said. “So we offer non-perishable food items and gently used, clean clothing to folks in Menifee.” […]

Peace in the storm

Zachary Elliot Special to Valley News I remember hearing a story once of an art teacher who asked his class to paint a picture of peace. Several days later as he walked through the classroom to inspect the students’ work he came to the first student. He saw a painting of a beautiful sun setting […]

Menifee church declares itself a ‘Gun Free Zone’

Menifee United Church of Christ announced on Monday, June 22 that it has declared its property a “Gun Free Zone.” “I know it’s true that the recent shootings at a church in South Carolina were due to racism,” says Senior Minister Bill Freeman. “But it’s also true that those nine people were killed by a […]

Not too old to learn

Zachary Elliot Special to the Valley News Have you ever noticed how we don’t have to teach our children to be selfish or stingy? You don’t have to be a parent for long to know it just comes naturally to kids and they’re good at it. They’re naturals! As parents we try to break the […]

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