Congregation votes to become a sanctuary church

MENIFEE – The members of Menifee United Church of Christ voted after its worship service, Aug. 27, to become a sanctuary church. While the church does not have the facility to house undocumented immigrants, it will advocate for them.

“Our congregation voted to be a beacon of light in the sometimes dark debate over immigration,” the Rev. Bill Freeman said. “We urge Congress and the president to support immigration reform so that our 11 million brothers and sisters from Mexico and other countries have a realistic path to citizenship.”

Freeman recently asked the Menifee City Council to designate Menifee a sanctuary city. That request is not expected to be approved. About 10 people protested outside of Menifee United Church of Christ in opposition to Menifee becoming a sanctuary city and to the church becoming a sanctuary church. Menifee United Church of Christ conducts worship services 11 a.m. Sundays at 26701 McCall Blvd. in Menifee.

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