Rev. Dr. Randy Johnson to retire from ministry

Rev. Dr. Randy Johnson has reached a major milestone in his life as he will be retiring his ministerial robe after 39+ years of service to a multitude of Methodist churches across Southern California.

Most importantly, he will be stepping away from a career that was dedicated to the faithful servanthood of growing God’s Kingdom through the message of Jesus. Many of his congregants agree that one of Pastor Randy’s most important attributes was the delivery of his Sunday messages. Each message seemed to touch the heart of individuals on a personal basis lending profound lessons for life, movement forward in strengthening personal faith and service to Temecula United Methodist Church, the local community, and beyond.

His road toward a life of service began with graduation from San Diego State University in 1971 where he earned a California Secondary Teaching Credential. He then completed his doctorate in ministry from the Claremont School of Theology in 1976. His 39+ years of ministry began as an assistant minister at Los Altos United Methodist Church and ended with a 17-year tenure as senior pastor at Temecula United Methodist Church.

He began 18 months after the completion of the first stage of facility construction and led the congregation through its final project which was completed in 2003. Pastor Randy is particularly pleased that the congregation has paid off all debt except for a remaining $60,000 on the last construction.

He has volunteered on several district and conference committees including The Riverside Board of Ordained Ministry, The Board of Congregational Development, The Conference Commission on Equitable Compensation, and the Conference Board of Pensions. He and his wife, Shirley, state that as he sets sail into retirement that their hearts and minds are filled with treasured memories, events, activities, and friendships. They will continue to pray for TUMC and its vitality and ministry to the Valley and beyond.

The church is hosting a retirement celebration on his last Sunday of service, June 29, at 5 p.m. His departure is bittersweet to the congregation as they relinquish greeting him as “pastor” but look forward to embracing him as a lifelong friend.

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