Bella Vista Winery combines home hospitality with high quality wine

Bella Vista Winery. Shane Gibson photo
Bella Vista Winery. Shane Gibson photo

Whether celebrating a birthday, anniversary or another special event, individuals want to make sure that they are treated with special care. Those who frequent Bella Vista Winery know they will be treated with utmost care, both for special events and simple weekend outings to the winery.

A family owned winery, Bella Vista blends Old World European winery and Southern California charm in its rustic winery. Guests know that Bella Vista Winery owners Gizella and Imre Czirak pride themselves on a friendly and casual environment that accommodates special events, while still offering high quality wine.

The Cziraks pride themselves in providing the best customer service possible, making it clear as to why their winery’s fans are loyal to the beautiful winery, which has served the Temecula Wine Country for over 45 years. As one of the oldest commercial wineries in the Temecula Valley, a large portion of Temecula Valley’s wine history was formed in the vineyard that now belongs to Bella Vista.

Because of the attention to detail given at Bella Vista, those who are a part of the wine club know that wine pickup dates are not simply a day to swing by the winery for their wines – it’s an opportunity to gather with friends, dance, and have a blast with the winery’s owners. It’s not surprising to hear of folks spending hours dancing, drinking and laughing the night away during a wine pickup party.

Recently, Bella Vista Winery released its 2016 white merlot and chardonnay, which is sure to be a hit for guests and wine club members alike. Bella Vista Winery also prides itself in the fact that its winery produces organic wine, with pesticide free wine grapes used to make the wine. This allows guests and wine enthusiasts to feel good knowing that their favorite Bella Vista wine has been made with care, while the winery has also taken care of the valley in which the wine grapes have been grown. If someone is a new wine drinker, they can swing by Bella Vista and try a variety of wines, while talking to knowledgeable wine servers to find out which wines would best be enjoyed by the guest.

Individuals can enjoy tastings at the winery every day of the week, and can meet the Cziraks, who are always happy to discuss their winery and the wine grapes growing in the vineyard with new guests. In addition, guests can enjoy a picnic near the duck pond found on the property. Wine Club members, however, get insider knowledge on special events, such as dance parties, special events and early releases of wines.

Guests can visit Bella Vista Winery, located at 41220 Calle Contento in Temecula, during its open hours, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and sample the wide variety of wines available. For more information on the winery and its wine club, call (951) 676-5250 or go to

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