Espadin new restaurant and bar project in Old Town Temecula

TEMECULA – Temecula Valley Winery Management announces plans for a new restaurant and bar concept set to open in Old Town Temecula summer 2017. Espadin is inspired by the vibrant flavors of Mexico and the Yucatan along with the rich, festive history mezcal plays in the Mexican culture.

The new edition to Old Town will offer an elevated version of fresh, approachable Mexican food, another highlight: the extensive, fresh bar program that will be included in the new concept.

“We’re emphasizing the agave-based spirits, tequila and its smoky counterpart mezcal, stocking a combined 100 selections with spirit tasting flights available,” Director of Restaurant Operation Spencer Szczygiel said. “When mixed in cocktails, we’re balancing spirits with freshly juiced citrus, fruit and produce to create fun, approachable cocktails made to order – there will be no sweet and sour mix, just hand pressed lime and house- made mixers.”

Espadin will inspire feelings of festivity, gathering with friends and family to enjoy, relax, celebrate and have a good time.

Located at 28544 Old Town Front Street next to their current restaurant and bar, Crush & Brew, Espadin is set to revitalize the corner of Front Street and Fifth Street. Espadin will be open for lunch and dinner, Monday through Sunday, along with brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Follow Espadin’s progress towards opening as they post frequent updates on their social media platforms including pictures of menu items, influences on design and cocktail inspiration.

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  1. Sandra sayadi   September 7, 2017 at 10:10 pm

    Me and my husband decided to support Espadin tonight. The food was average, but the margaritas were the worse either of us have had. When I saw the bartender adding water, and pouring the remaining mixture from the shaker in a rock glass and setting it aside. I approached the bartender, and asked why he added water, he replied “I topped it up to fill the glass, and that it was club soda.” Having tended bar for seven years…I knew better, club soda is not an ingredient for margaritas. The manager was seated next to where I approached the bartender. She came over and apologized, I’m which we appreciate. But the bartender tossed the contents into the sink with such anger, I even said to him I didn’t mean to upset you. My husband & I are frequent diners…we just wanted to support the new restaurant in our community. I don’t think that young man will last, he just doesn’t understand the ethics of customer service.
    He continued to give dirty looks during our stay, it was quite obvious how mad he was.


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