Falkner Winery gives guests opportunity to deeply understand wine with appreciation classes

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karelnoppe/Thinkstock photo

With all the wineries located in Temecula Valley, there is a wine for everyone. However, for those who do not have a strong wine knowledge, the process for finding the perfect wine can be intimidating. There are “rules” for wine that are supposed to be followed for meals, and subtle flavors in the wine that naturally occur during the winemaking process.

For those who want to expand their knowledge, Falkner Winery has a winery appreciation class that is offered every third Saturday of the month. The class is designed for individuals of all wine knowledge levels to improve what they know, learn new ways to enjoy wine, and have fun doing so.

This is unlike classes that are filled with befuddling wine jargon, these classes are entertaining and enlightening. From 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., guests can enjoy themselves as they become knowledgeable on one of the most interesting topics in Temecula Valley: wine. The wine appreciation class is taught by Shane Sevier, one of the Falkner tour directors and assistant winemaker. Because of his expertise, every aspect of the winemaking process can be explained, and the wine’s flavor subtleties can also be explained.

Wine novices and would-be sommeliers alike will appreciate the class’s curriculum, which includes the regional quality of Temecula’s wines, the grape growing process, wine and food pairing, sampling and comparing wine throughout the aging process, and tasting wine properly with all the senses.

After the class, all guests should feel that they can pair foods to a favorite wine, while also being able to tell the quality of a wine that they have purchased. Guests will be confident in their ability to choose great wine, regardless of the occasion. Buying wine for enjoying with a meal, to be given as gifts, or simply to enjoy on its own will no longer be intimidating or stressful; guests can truly learn which wines are truly what they enjoy, and why.

The cost for the Wine Appreciation class is $45 per person ($20 for VIP members; $40 for Connoisseur members). In addition, guests can also opt to add a lunch option to their wine class for $25, giving each guest a full experience of wine pairing. If guests want to practice their new wine skills at the tasting room first, they will be given a certificate good for 10 percent off their lunch at the Falkner Winery’s Pinnacle restaurant that day.

Falkner Winery is located at 40620 Calle Contento in Temecula. Individuals interested in attending the Wine Appreciation class May 20, should register by contacting the winery at (951) 676-8231 x106. Class sizes are limited so all reservations must be made in advance. For more information on Falkner Winery or to find more information on events held at Falkner Winery, go to www.falknerwinery.com.

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