‘FUNday, SUNdays’ are back at Falkner Winery

TEMECULA – Beginning Sunday, April 9, Falkner Winery will restart their popular “FUNday, SUNday” games and barbecue food offerings on all Sundays from noon to 3 p.m. There is no charge to play any of the games with one series designed as tournament play with a prize awarded to the winner. Initial games will include Winepong – like Beer Pong, Cornhole, a beanbag toss game and Jenga, a building block game.

Tournament play will require signup and has a 1 p.m. start time. The selection of game will differ from week to week. The tournament winner will receive a wine prize.

In addition to the fun games, the winery will be offering freshly prepared items from the barbecue. Initially, the winery will offer a spicy shrimp skewer, a garlic-marinated beef skewer, a piri piri chicken skewer and a grilled artichoke half; all of which are priced under $10. Also from the grill will be Ray’s burger made with fresh Black Angus beef topped with cheese, mushrooms, lettuce and tomato and a grilled portobello mushroom sandwich. Available beverages will include multiple wines, craft beers, sangria and several specialty wine cocktails such as strawberry mist, cotton candy and Luscito. Falkner Winery’s lawn area is located on a hilltop that offers spectacular views of the surrounding hills and valley. Falkner Winery also offers free Wi-Fi for their guests. For those seeking a fun and entertaining way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon, Falkner Winery offers the best venue.

Check their website at www.falknerwinery.com, or visit their Facebook page to discover any changes to the venue as well as other winery events.

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