Hop on board Chan’s Hong Kong Express

There is a new kid on the block; his name is Kevin Chan of Chan’s Hong Kong Express. The family-owned take out restaurant opened two months ago in the shopping center on Los Alamos near Stater Bros.

Business is steadily growing for the new eatery that opened its doors next to other small businesses that have stood the test of time.

Good service, friendly staff and quality food are a must to bring in repeat customers, and the Chan family plans to grow its roots in Murrieta by catering to their customer’s wants and needs. The restaurant already has a four star review on Yelp, a website where customers can review a business they frequent.

The menu at Hong Kong Express can satisfy almost everyone’s palate. There is a bounty in choices of meats, vegetables and side dishes like the popular Chicken Teriyaki, Mongolian Beef, or Shrimp with Lobster Sauce.

“The meat here speaks for itself,” said customer Chris Jackson who lives in Murrieta.

Jackson was visiting the restaurant for the first time.

“I got the teriyaki chicken, but I was able to sample the orange chicken and ribs and beef.”

The dishes lightly covered in sauces do not overpower the flavor of the meat or vegetables.

“We use quality meat. Our sauces and spices enhance the meal, they don’t cover it up,” said Chan.

Chan said he uses a flank steak for his beef and anyone who goes shopping for steak knows this is a quality meat.

Chan treats his customers like guests in his home. His entire family pitches in behind the counter or in the kitchen, including his wife Leah and son Richie.

Families in Murrieta keep the restaurant busy in the evenings for ready to serve meals and party trays but Chan also has a great lunch menu with affordable prices.

“I come here one or two days a week to get the Jalapeno Chicken,” said Carlos Barba, a local music teacher. “I can go to other places for lunch but the food and prices here are good.”

Guests can get a lot of food for just under five dollars. The Teriyaki Chicken Bowl is only $4.79 and comes loaded with tender, juicy, meaty pieces of chicken. The chicken is tender, almost falling off the bone tender, with little to no fat and the teriyaki marinade is sweet and tasty.

There are also combo plates for dinner or lunch starting at $4.99 for one item or $6.99 for three items.

Chan’s Hong Kong Express is located at 25030 Hancock Ave., unit 104 in Murrieta. Their phone number is (951) 304-0444.

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  1. Jethro   January 22, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    Check out their menu at http://www.chanshke.com

  2. Natalie D.   April 13, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    Hong Kong Express is now open all 7 days now! I love there orange chicken it’s the best, and their portions are great!


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