Shorty’s Bistro at Mount Palomar Winery – Captivating cuisine and wine!

Night at Mount Palomar Winery is captivating. Guests are greeted by columns enveloped in twinkling white lights. Replicas of the Winged Victory of Samothrace lend an aura of ancient Greece to the ambiance. Olive trees, also wrapped in lights, lead the way to the heart of the winery.

Beyond massive gates is the winery’s culinary offspring – Shorty’s Bistro, where strings of lights were draped high across a courtyard. Under the canopy of light, guests reclined at tables, their wine glasses glinting.

There is little outdoor dining weather left, so in the ensuing weeks guests will migrate into the delightful wine cellar area of the bistro. This quiet retreat is enhanced by petite grape-hued lights, faux grapevines and a massive vintage oak wine cask. The bistro was formerly a barrel room, so a lingering scent of aged wine prevails. Aroma from current wine fermentation also tinges the air – delightfully.

The menu items are varied, but several, such as hummus, have a Mediterranean flair.

Explore the appetizer, “Brie and Berries Platter with Artesian Bread.” Walnuts give the bread an earthy flavor; and cranberries and oranges lend a bit of sweetness. A layer of soft brie cheese on the bread is like icing on a cake. The tray is also studded with fresh strawberries, blackberries and blueberries.

The shish kabob entr

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