Sizzler – Murrieta steakhouse provides fresh ingredients, modern aesthetic

Fresh ingredients, prime cuts of meat, local wine and a comfortable atmosphere are some of the elements that set the Sizzler restaurant located at 40489 Murrieta Hot Springs Road apart.

For more than two decades the local franchise location has established itself as a community staple and has been leading the pack by implementing new dishes and new ideas when other restaurants within the chain are just now starting to update themselves.

The restaurant is one of a number of flagship locations that have been remodeled with a design that allows for restaurant employees to better interact with their customers and for the customers themselves to feel at home.

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  1. Reality Checker   January 11, 2014 at 10:31 pm

    We’ve been going there ever since it was beautifully remodeled. John does a great job managing the place and the staff. He always makes sure everything is just right, and if you ever feel anything isn’t just quite right, John takes care of it right away. The food is great, and the salad bar is always fresh and clean. Plates are kept cold right there at the salad bar. Huge salad bar, probably the best you will find within an hours drive, no kidding. And Jose, he’s about the best guy you ever want to meet. He is the best server ever. He always greets you with a huge smile and says "How are you my friend!!" The thing is, he really means it. I always tip him big, he really earns it. We always ask for his section.


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