Snacks are synonymous with Super Football Sunday

Certain things are synonymous with The Super Bowl, the annual championship game of the National Football League. Certain snack foods are well within that circle since fans have a tendency to group together – either at a private home or sports bar/restaurant – to watch the “big game.”

Most fans do not usually prepare a sit-down meal as part of the festivities. The enjoyment and popularity of favorite appetizers and snacks, especially “finger food” go hand-in-hand with the excitement that takes place over a three-hour period.


Pizza is an enormously popular choice for fans gathering on Super Sunday. Temecula and Murrieta offer several choices for ordering pizza to go. Pizza allows an easy way to provide a variety of choices – from a variety of meat-topped pizzas to vegetarian choices.

Chips and Dips

While perhaps not the healthiest choice, chips and dips are high in popularity with the football lovers crowd. With the availability now of baked chips and veggie chips, it’s possible to provide some healthier alternatives. While sour cream-based dips are popular with some, others readily enjoy hummus or an all-fresh ingredient salsa as an alternative.

Do not forget the guacamole! Finally, Hass avocados are beginning their season locally and many culinary masters consider Hass the variety that makes the creamiest guacamole dip. There are the believers in the Fuerte variety out there, but trust in Hass.

With the addition of a vegetable tray, guests can feel better about snacking throughout the afternoon, and a colorful, fresh fruit tray can be complemented by a nutritious yogurt-based dip.


While nachos generally fit the chip and dip category, the structure of this dish allows for changes and enhancements to put it in a class by itself.

Beginning with tortilla chips, a wide variety exist. One can opt for the traditional commercial variety or purchase the lower fat type. In making the meat choice for the nachos, it is not necessary to feel locked-in to the customary ground beef and refried beans as a basic topping. Ground chicken or turkey can be cooked with spices to provide a lower fat dish. Black beans – slightly mashed – can provide a higher fiber dish. One can select full-fat or a low-fat (or non-fat) cheese to use. By adding plenty of fresh veggies such as tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, and more, it is possible to provide more true nutrition sources in this dish.

Those feeding a crowd with different tastes can make a “nacho bar” with various choices and a build-your-own theme.

Chicken wings

Super Sunday just wouldn’t be the same without chicken wings. Whether fans enjoy mild or extremely spicy, these are definitely crowd pleasers.

With the large variety of wing sauces on the market, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the choices. For those who would rather not eat fried food, chicken wings can be baked and tossed with sauce, or seasoned with a dry rub.

Alcoholic beverages

For some, enjoying beer or a cocktail is traditional during the big game. According to Nielsen estimates from 2011, Americans consumed roughly 50 million cases of beer in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl (the NFL conference championship games, which determine who will play in the Super Bowl, occur two weeks prior to the big game), a significant portion of which is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

However, beer isn’t the only beverage hosts must stock up on. If hosting at home, it’s important to have plenty of drinking water on hand, as well as some beverages like iced tea and soda for kids and adult guests who do not drink alcohol. Hosts also should monitor guests’ alcohol consumption to ensure no guests overdo it.

Whether enjoying the game at a home with friends or planning to meet others at an establishment, please consider patronizing Valley businesses first for those supplies or outings. If Valley residents don’t support their town’s economy, who will?

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  1. Daizy   February 1, 2014 at 9:55 am

    I love chicken wings & smoke salmon Dip on Ritz crackers myself when I watched the Superbowl .


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