Traditional yet modern dining at Corner Bakery Cafe

The newest restaurant in Temecula, Corner Bakery, is a hit. The fast casual restaurant opened its doors this month where the old Original Road House Grill once stood with lines of customers going out the door at peak times.

When you walk into the restaurant the brick walls and dark woods welcome you like an old neighborhood pub. The feel is open. But with a mix of booths, tables and a community hub spot you can be as social or private as you like while dining. On the walls the photographs have scenes of the local community, creating a look that’s traditional and familiar yet simultaneously modern.

The Corner Bakery Café has franchises nationwide but the restaurant in Temecula is owned locally by David Beshay of Feast California Cafe, LLC. Beshay lives in Murrieta with his family.

“I live here in the community and choose Temecula because it is the type of place I can take my own family,” Beshay said.

Feast California Café, LLC and the franchise group, also owns the Corner Bakery Café at UTC in San Diego and Carlsbad. A second Temecula café will open this year in the Sprouts shopping center off of Temecula Parkway, making Temecula the only city in the nation allowed to have two Corner Bakery restaurants.

According to Beshay, what sets Corner Bakery Café apart from others is all the food is made fresh on a stove or in an oven after ordering.

“We do not assemble our food; we cook, grill and bake our food in the restaurant with a full service kitchen,” Beshay said. “We don’t reheat our meals. Our warm meals are cooked over an open flame and made to order.”

Since the meals are made to order, the restaurant is friendly to making changes within reason to fit a customer’s dietary needs or desires.

Corner Bakery Café offers a wide range of foods with many dishes less than 600 calories. Customers can order pancakes with fruit and a side of oven baked apple wood bacon or the Chilled Swiss Oatmeal made with European muesli, low fat yogurt, rolled oats, crunchy green apples, bananas and currants.

For lunch the most popular sandwich is the Chicken Pomodori on sourdough with fresh basil, spinach, oven roasted tomatoes and provolone cheese with a pesto mayo.

“See the grill marks on this sandwich…those are real from a real grill,” Beshay said to emphasize how important it is to him for customers to know their meal is freshly made.

Since Corner Bakery Café is also known for their coffee, guests can come on in and enjoy a fresh cup of joe while surfing on their laptops since each and every booth has its own plug with free Wi-Fi. Computer junkies can sip and surf the web while enjoying a baked dessert like the popular chocolate or cinnamon cakes.

Supporting local communities is a tradition for Corner Bakery Café franchises across the nation. Beshay recently donated $10,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest County and sponsored the recent State of the City address by Temecula Mayor Maryann Edwards. Edwards serves as the CEO and President of the local Boys & Girls Clubs chapter.

Serving the community means catering to the community. At Corner Bakery, they have a special menu made just for catering. Whether you have a business event, a baby shower or family gathering the folks at Corner Bakery can customize and deliver handcrafted dishes and sweet desserts.

Guests can also order online from the website or from their phones with the new mobile app for their catering event or for an individual lunch. Make more time at lunch by ordering ahead and have it ready for pickup.

Corner Bakery Café is located at 26440 Ynez Road in Temecula. To learn more, visit their website at

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