Arraignment postponed for man accused of sexually assaulting girls

RIVERSIDE – With the prosecutor tied up on another case, arraignment was postponed today for a Lake Elsinore man accused of sexually assaulting two girls.

Lionel Arechabala Morones, 47, could face life in prison if convicted of a dozen counts of lewd acts on a child, with sentence-enhancing allegations of forced penetration, and one count of communicating with a minor with the intent of committing a sexual offense.

Morones appeared before Riverside County Superior Court Judge Becky Dugan, who rescheduled his arraignment to Oct. 3 after learning that the prosecutor assigned to the case, Deputy District Attorney Amy Barajas, was in the middle of a trial.

Dugan kept the defendant’s bail at $6 million. He’s being held at the at the Southwest Detention Center in Murrieta.

Morones was arrested last month after allegations of sexual abuse were made by an 11-year-old girl. The child, whose identity was not released, alleged she had been assaulted on numerous occasions over a period of months, according to court papers.

During their investigation, sheriff’s officials identified a second alleged victim, now in in her early 20s. The woman was allegedly molested in her early teens, going back to 2001.

The nature of the alleged victims’ relationship to Morones, if any, was not disclosed.

2 Responses to "Arraignment postponed for man accused of sexually assaulting girls"

  1. Mom of five   August 20, 2014 at 11:31 am

    I don’t think he’s a very smart man and I think he is guilty and he hired an attorney. What moron would get him an attorney . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and I know the other victim. I think he is a sick man! I just hope he get what he deserve!

  2. Reality Checker   August 22, 2014 at 11:36 am

    These sexual predators and child rapists cannot be rehabilitated. No amount of counseling, drugs, pshyco-babble, can fix them. They need to be locked away in a special institution for the rest of their lives on the first offense. No bail, no parole, no nothing. From the point they are first hand-cuffed, they spend every waking and sleeping moment for the rest of their natural born lives incarcerated. And no cable TV, no radio, no weight lifting, no magazines, no books, no computers, no internet, no phone, no doctor, no nurse, no head shrinkers, just four cinder block walls and a thick steel door with a slit in it just big enough to slide a slice of bread through. They never get to come out. No window, no talking to the person in the next cell, no cell mates, just solitary confinement and isolation forever.


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