Closing arguments set in trial of trio accused in violent home invasion

Closing arguments are scheduled Monday in the trial of three people charged in a home-invasion robbery in which an diabetic San Jacinto man was tied up, pistol-whipped and had his life threatened for nearly two hours while his house was torn apart.

Quadrea Lee Jackson, 24, John George Kiriakos, 39, and Sandi Faith Salah, 26, all from the San Jacinto Valley, could each face more than 20 years in prison if convicted of multiple felony counts, including kidnapping to commit a robbery, torture and assault with a deadly weapon.

A fourth defendant, 34-year-old Shabock Novel Jamerson, pleaded guilty last year to robbery and auto theft. He’s slated to be sentenced Sept. 12.

The prosecution and defense both rested Wednesday, and Riverside County Superior Court Judge Angel Bermudez ordered jurors to return to the Southwest Justice Center in Murrieta Monday morning for closing statements.

The foursome broke into a residence in the 700 block of Cawston Avenue in the early morning hours of Aug. 29, 2012, and began ransacking the place before the property owner, identified only as John Doe, returned, according to

court papers.

A trial brief filed by Deputy District Attorney Marcus Garrett stated the defendants wanted cash and guns locked up in two safes.

After the victim dropped his son at school that morning, he went back to the house and was immediately alerted to trouble by one of his small dogs barking in the dining room, Garrett said.

Before the man could react, Jackson allegedly struck him in the face with a handgun, after which the victim was dragged 20 feet to his bedroom, where he was directed to open the first safe, according to the brief.

“Doe is a type-two diabetic who is greatly affected by stressful and traumatic situations,” Garrett said. “He was forced to open the safe while Salah pointed a shotgun at his head … and Jackson placed a pistol in his face. Doe began to feel lightheaded and had difficulty opening the safe. Jackson struck Doe very hard on the left side of his head.”

Despite being bloodied and dazed, the victim was able to open the safe, according to the prosecutor.

The man was then dragged to the second safe about 10 feet away and told at gunpoint to open it, court papers stated. When he had trouble with the combination, Jackson allegedly struck him again in the head with a pistol,

according to Garrett.

Jackson allegedly shouted at the victim, “We’re going to kill you anyway. I’ll take you to the basement and blow your head off,” according to the brief.

His son also was threatened. The defendants implied they had him under surveillance at his school, Garrett said. According to the prosecutor, the victim finally managed to open the second safe and was then taken into the

bathroom and struck several more times, causing him to briefly lose consciousness.

Garrett alleged the defendants were in the residence for 100 minutes, carting away the man’s valuables, including a dozen firearms. The victim was eventually placed in the kitchen, where he was bound to a chair.

“Jackson once again put the revolver in the victim’s face, shoving the barrel into his mouth,” the brief alleged. “Jackson pulled the trigger once and stated, ‘You see the other bullets in here, don’t you?’ You can see them,

can’t you?”’

The defendants fled the location in the victim’s pickup truck, with Kiriakos following them in a white Mercedes-Benz, which was used to transport the crew to the location, sheriff’s investigators alleged.

The victim was able to break free of his bindings and call 911 within minutes of the bandits’ departure, according to the prosecution. Deputies immediately began searching for the stolen pickup and located it late that morning outside a mobile home at 685 State St. in Hemet.

According to court papers, deputies surrounded the trailer and ordered all of its occupants to surrender, which they did.

The investigation revealed that after the home invasion, the defendants met at a warehouse and divided up the loot — not all of which was recovered by investigators.

The victim was hospitalized for four days and still suffers health complications stemming from the break-in and assault, Garrett said.

According to court records, Kiriakos has a prior felony conviction for drug dealing, while Salah has a misdemeanor conviction for being in possession of a controlled substance. Jackson has several felony convictions, though court papers did not specify for what.

5 Responses to "Closing arguments set in trial of trio accused in violent home invasion"

  1. Benjamin   August 24, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    Almost everything in this story is false. I don’t understand how this is allowed to be published legally without verifying the facts, which are easily available to anyone. Intentionally twisting of, and fabricating documents to make his or her story more interesting to read. This is at the cost of other peoples lives, which have been devastating to them and their families. I can not speak for all involved as one has already admitted guilt and subsequently caused life altering hardships to innocent people. There is more than one victim here. Whomever allows you to write without regard for factual information should look at themselves and why they chose the career they practice.

    EDITORIAL NOTE: This is all public record. If you have some specifics you can submit them through this system.

  2. Mark   August 28, 2014 at 9:11 am

    You don’t know what you’re talking about benjamin. This is all true I was locked up with this guy and he told me the whole story. Where do you get your information?

  3. Concerned   August 28, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    Benjamin – Were you there? Do you know for a fact that all these details were false? I don’t know how you could know that they are false, unless you were there. In which case, you should turn yourself in because you were either a witness or a participant in a crime!

  4. Benjamin   August 31, 2014 at 2:19 pm

    Hi mark, it’s funny that all the people accusing the others involved are either locked up in jail or already convicted felons trying to save their own behinds. This whole case was based on here say from people such as yourself. No actual facts or evidence could put someone at the scene as we saw in the trial. The DA has the guilty party in custody and already gave him a 7 year deal wich would release him in just 1 more year for his cooperation. Because of personal vendettas he wants more than that. Sadly Our system allows those who can’t afford high powered attorneys to get true justice. And they are then at the mercy of the court.

  5. Joser hitsquad clothing   November 24, 2015 at 8:26 pm

    Is this the same johhny George kiriakos the one who owned the used car lot on Florida in hemet?


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