Elderly woman beaten, house ransacked

RIVERSIDE – A burglar who assaulted an 86-year-old Riverside woman, knocking her unconscious and then ransacking her house, remained at large today.

The attack happened around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday in the 4200 block of Eileen Street, according to the Riverside Police Department.

The victim was alone in her home when a suspect – who may have had an accomplice – broke in and struck her, causing her to black out, said Sgt. David Amador.

He said the seriously injured woman remained unconscious as the suspect burglarized the house. However, a relative of the victim interrupted the crime, walking into the residence and surprising the suspect, who fled out a back door.

No description of the suspect, not even the gender, was provided.

The victim remains hospitalized.

Anyone with information was urged to call Riverside police Detective Mike Medici at (951) 353-7104.

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