Initiative to remove county-wide ban on marijuana dispensaries to go on ballot for voter consideration

RIVERSIDE – An initiative aiming to rescind the city of Riverside’s ban on marijuana dispensaries was certified by the Riverside County Registrar of Voters and qualified to go on the ballot, it was announced on May 17.

A total of 20,206 signatures were submitted for the initiative petition but only 13,640 of them were considered valid and sufficient to qualify by the registrar’s office.

Voters likely will cast their ballots over the measure in June 2015, according to news reports. The city did not appoint a commission to look into the licensing and regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries five years ago, attorney Jason Thompson, with Riverside Safe Access, said.

The issue over Riverside’s marijuana dispensary ban was taken up at the state Supreme Court, which ruled in the city’s favor in 2013.

Funded by Riverside Safe Access, the proponents behind the measure to license and regulate marijuana dispensaries hope to enlighten the public about the issue in a rational and honest manner, Thompson said.

“Getting it on the ballot is one thing, but now Riverside Safe Access must educate the city of Riverside’s voters that a system of licensed and regulated collectives is preferable to a ban,” he


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