Linfield Hosts Speed Clinic

TEMECULA – “America’s fastest speed coach”, Anthony Prior, put on a one-day speed clinic last Saturday at Linfield Christian High School. Scores of athletes — some from as far away as Torrance and Corona — showed up to take advantage of this opportunity. Two sessions were held: the first was for youngsters up to age 13; the second was for 14 and up. They represented different sports: football, basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, and track.

Prior has long been established as the fastest player in the history of Washington State University with a 40-yd time of 4.21 seconds; he is also considered one of the fastest players ever to play in the NFL and the CFL. According to John Gruden, sports commentator and former Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, “The Oakland Raiders have a rich tradition of having some of the fastest players in the NFL. Anthony Prior is in that category of extraordinary men, with incredible speed.”

The sessions included understanding the fundamentals of speed as well as learning the mechanics, form and techniques in step-by-step drills. Still an active competitor today, Prior demonstrated each of the techniques and drills personally.

Parents and coaches as well as the participating athletes were impressed with the improvements in just that one session. “I feel faster already” was a common comment from the kids. “He looks more athletic and his movements are more efficient,” said one football coach. “I brought my grand daughter here to improve her explosiveness for tennis,” said one woman, “I’m glad I did. This is just what she needs.” “Speed is really important in soccer,” said one high school girl, “and this type of training can really make a difference.”

“Speed is the universal component in all sports,” says Prior, “athletes need to build this foundation early to be able to compete today.”

The response was so overwhelmingly positive, Linfield Coach DeChon Burns plans to invite Prior back again for additional speed clinics.

Anthony Prior is the founder of Ocean Speed, which provides speed training to youth as well as professional-level athletes. He runs programs in Texas and California; locally he provides training outdoors at Patriot Field in Perris and indoors at the American Sports University in San Bernardino. (214) 295-0901.

2 Responses to "Linfield Hosts Speed Clinic"

  1. Mr. Drew   February 15, 2012 at 9:42 am

    AP is a true champion on and off the field of athletics and his hard work and dedication to the development of many of today’s young athletes is an immeasurable gift.

  2. Lee Chew   February 22, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    Mr. Drew, off the field, I don’t think so.


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