Riverside woman arrested for allegedly abusing, murdering her 89-year-old mother

A Riverside woman has been arrested for murder and remained jailed today, accused of neglecting to properly care for her ailing mother, who died two years ago.

Linda Maureen Raye, 59, was arrested Thursday at a Spruce Street location in Riverside and booked for suspicion of murder and elder abuse. Raye’s bail was set at $1 million, records showed.

Raye is suspected of neglecting to care for her 89-year-old mother, who was afflicted with polio and died in November 2012. The investigation started when doctors claimed Raye would not call them back about her mother’s condition, or let them check on the elder woman at their apartment, according to a broadcast report.

Raye was the sole caregiver of her mother, whose name was undisclosed.

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