HS Softball: Chaparral falls to King High School, 5-1 – Osorio stirkes out 14 in Wolve’s win

Chaparral fell victim to a lethal assault laid down by Alexis Osorio and her King High School teammates earlier this week.

The wolves came out and took an early 3 run lead before Osorio even threw a pitch in the non league match up.

Alexis recorded 14 strikeouts and the Wolves walked away with a 5-1 victory. Riverside won the heavyweight Big VIII League title last season and though they lost a good amount of seniors, at 9-2 so far on the season, they seem to have picked up where they left off last year.

“This is definitely a different team,” Wolves coach Lucinda Brewer said. “But that’s not a bad thing at all. Every team has to come into their own and even though this is a young team, we’re doing some good things. Most of all, they really like each other and have a great gel.”

King got some help in its first-inning rally with two-out fly ball that was dropped which opened the door for three unearned runs. Gabby Alvarez singled home a run in the second and Alyssa Saldana had a run-scoring single in the third to bring the score to 5-0.

Osorio was on fire, painted the corners, used all five of her pitches wisely, and with her catcher, Olivarez providing some beautiful frame work, the contest seemed to be in trouble for the pumas early on.

“My catcher and I have really gotten to the point where we’re communicating really well with each other,” Osorio said. “We’re on the same track a lot of the time.

Alexis left just six of the outs to be taken care of by her defense. The one run that was given up came in the sixth inning when she walked Mariah Young, who came in to score on a wild pitch, which ruined the shutout.

The bottom four hitters from Chaparral were 0 for 12 with 11 strikeouts, and the only ball that was put in play came on the final out.

“We’ve seen her (Osorio) before,” Chaparral coach Jerry Delamater said. “We need to get something from someone other than our top hitters as we get closer to league, but all in all I know we’ll be OK.”

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