Local Cheer Teams Sweep Nationals

Local cheer organization, Pacific Coast Magic (PCM), recently swept the nationals that were held in Las Vegas.

PCM finished with ten top 3 placements, 11 first place finishes, a Pyramid Award, a Sportsmanship Award, three World Bids and a Bid to the Summit. According to co-owner Kellie Elliott, this is one of the best showings PCM has ever had.

GSSA Results

• Illusion 4th place

• Supernatural 5th place

• Angels 1st Place Division Champions

• Fantasy 1st Place Division Champions and an At Large Bid to Worlds!

American Championship Results

• Dream Makers 1st National Champions

• Divine 1st Place National Champions and THE SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD

• Fairytales 2nd Place

• Trust 2nd Place

• Hope 2nd Place

• Faith 3rd Place

• Charmed 1st National Champions

• Glamour 3rd place

• Passion 3rd Place

• Enchanted 1st Place National Champions, GRAND CHAMPION, Best Pyramid Award and an at Large Bid to the Summit.

• Inspire 2nd Place

• Allure 3rd Place

• Phenomenon 1st Place National Champions

• Karma 1st Place National Champions

• Phoenix 1st Place National Champions

• Mysterious 1st Place National Champions

Phoenix coed Level 6 (17 yrs and up) won the Gold Medal at Cheerleading Worlds last year. They just earned their at-large bid at American Grand to go back to Worlds to defend their title. Mysterious also earned an at-large bid for Cheerleading Worlds.

Congratulations to these local cheer squads!

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