Local Machine Pitch All Star teams bring home banners and advance

Two of the Machine Pitch Pinto All Star teams from the Temecula Youth baseball league (TYB) won their Sectional Tournaments last weekend, advancing them to Regional tournament play this week.

The Red and Blue Machine Pitch teams from TYB have been playing for almost three weeks straight with hopes of making it to the World Series, which is being held in San Marcos again this year.

“TYB sends a good amount of teams through to the World Series every year in this division and we know this year we have another great shot at being a contender due to the high level of play the coaches have been teaching,” TYB All Star Coordinator Kevin Rochford said.

Machine Pitch Pinto is a division of PONY baseball for 7 and 8 year olds where the batter gets their pitches from a pitching machine which is manned by a coach of the team. The players offensively must score or advance to the next base before the defense gets the ball and either makes a play or call’s time out in the field of play.

The colors of the All Star teams usually indicate the level in the division, Red being the higher tier team, Blue being next, then White if there are enough players to fill the team,” explained TYB Vice President Sean Van Wyk, who added, “This year there is no telling which team is the better tier team in our division; I guess we will find that out real soon here though.”

Both teams could play each other this week in a semi final matchup that will send one team home and advance the other to the World Series Championships. Follow all the action at www.temeculapony.com or www.pony.org. Good Luck Teams!

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