Murrieta Mesa football team trains with Navy SEALS – The Rams learn discipline, team work and how to overcome adversity at SEALS training camp

Murrieta Mesa Football Head Coach Justin Schaeffer’s philosophy of solid fundamentals, athleticism and sound technique added yet another dimension this week: Teamwork. The varsity Ram football team traveled to the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado on Tuesday where they underwent a grueling five hour training program.

The program was designed by the Navy SEALS, and is the Gold standard for training warriors and athletes to be leaders and winners. The program builds teamwork, loyalty, endurance, courage and unity. It also helps players learn to have a positive attitude under stress, identify leaders and get the team committed to one goal: Winning.

These skills are not taught in a textbook or in the classroom. They must be learned on the beach with hours of hard physical training, teaching mental and emotional discipline, and humility. It also set the standards and conditions for a successful 2014 football season.

“The SEALS training was everything we expected and more” said Coach Schaeffer. “The experience and the physical part were great. More importantly, it helped the team bond as a unit and taught them how to help one another when things got tough”.

The SEALS training program stresses teamwork and develops leadership. It requires individuals to really become a team and act as brothers. Team members quickly realized that the only way to be successful was to help others and work together.

“The SEALS training was most definitely a great experience” said senior wide receiver Bryan Phan. “Most of the drills tested our physical and mental toughness and pushed some of us to point that I’m sure we didn’t think we could reach. Most of all it taught us teamwork and respect for teammates. If someone was having a hard time, we picked it up and got the job done. Together!”

The program lasted from 8:30 in the morning to 2 p.m. It consisted of running, calisthenics and formatted workouts. The Navy Seals had the Rams carry logs, run, and gave the football team a glimpse at what Navy SEALS do on a daily basis.

Coach Schaeffer was pleased with the results of the training program.

“The training and discipline helped the team build a sense of teamwork and showed them that they could face any adversity together,” Schaeffer said “It also brought out the leaders of the team like seniors Bryan Phan, Joseph Pinkava and juniors McKinley Ross and Peyton Uhl.”

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  1. Steve   August 11, 2014 at 2:46 pm

    So how much did this cost the school district? 5 hours, give me a break-that is merely a warm up for the real thing.
    Did they call the tadpoles too?


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