Pechanga welcomes international talent during WCK Muay Thai event

The WCK Muay Thai (Kick Boxing) “International Showdown” event came to Pechanga Resort & Casino on Saturday, June 7. It was truly an international event with fighters representing China, Canada, Mexico, Armenia, the United States and the Netherlands.

The co-main event featured Murrieta’s Sam Alvery representing Team Quest. Alvery’s Thai kickboxing skills have been taught to him by the great Daniel Worin at Team Quest. He is also an accomplished MFC and reigning middleweight champion fighter who stated, “I am one of the best in the world at MMA and I can’t wait to show what my striking skills can do in the Muay Thai field.”

Muay Thai is similar to boxing with the difference being in addition to using your hands kick boxers also use the feet, knees, and elbows to strike their opponent. Throwing your opponent to the ground when they attempt to clinch is also allowed. Since the bouts have fewer rounds, they tend to be action-packed from the opening bell, unlike boxing where boxers fill out their opponent.

“I only put on one type of fight and those are exciting fights. This event Saturday night is going to be the fight everybody in the arena remembers and is talking about Monday morning,” Alvery said before the fight.

Alvery delivered on his promise landing powerful blows with both hands and feet. He would knockdown his opponent Jacob Poss twice; Poss was not able to beat the ten counts following the second knockdown. Alvery won by knockout.

In the main event, Jemyma Betrain from Los Angeles by the way of the Netherlands scored a knockout victory over Christi Breteton of the Chaos Muay Thai Fitness & Competition Training Centre, Okehampton, United Kingdom. Betrain retained her WCK and WBC Women’s Muay Thai Bantamweight World Title.

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