Temecula Youth Baseball league teams up with Valley News to help promote sponsorships

TEMECULA – Over the past two seasons, the Temecula Youth Baseball league (TYB) has gone through some serious transformations that have pretty much made them the “go to” league in the area.

“Our old method of registering players was to set up a table at certain parks during sporting events and sign up people in person. It was nice to meet our members face to face, but it was very time consuming, not only for our volunteer board members, but for the people that handle all the paperwork behind the scenes as well,” said TYB President Shawn Ferris.

Nowadays, the league has managed to incorporate a little bit of old with the new. The amount of time they spend out at local sports parks signing up players has been cut in half because not only have they implemented a brand new state of the art interactive website, but they also have used some of their remaining funds from previous seasons to purchase iPads for the league to make registering in person a more fun experience.

The addition of the iPads was put in place to primarily help the executive board stay in better communication with each other.

“The standard ‘off-the-shelf’ websites that are out there on the market, which are used by most leagues, would simply not be able to deliver the functionality we require,” said TYB Webmaster Rob Rich, who along with Executive Board Members Kevin Rochford and Shawn Ferris, was able to locate and enlist the services of Infinity Arts which is locally owned and operated by Michael Leahy.

“It was import to us to not only find the right website development team who could design, develop, and deliver such a custom site, but to also give back to our community by partnering with a local Temecula company,” explained Rob Rich.

Infinity Arts met both of these requirements for TYB and also provides vital web services to local community organizations such as MYSL, Temecula Rod Run, Western Eagle Foundation, the Wishes for Children Foundation, and the EDC of Southwest California. To learn more about Infinity Arts visit www.InfinityArts.com.

“We have over 1600 players in our league this year, take that number, add the siblings, parents, and guardians, friends, and outside family members…well we have a lot of ground to cover and our team of volunteers at TYB have set a huge precedence,” said league Treasurer, Dawn Madera.

The nonprofit league makes their money through registration fees and sponsorships, which pay for field space, umpire fees, insurance, scholarships, equipment, snacks, and more.

“If it wasn’t for these sponsorships, our members would have to pay a lot more out of pocket, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved,” exclaimed Ferris.

With so much online attention now being given to TYB, it made sense to give some of the local businesses a shot at wanting to gain an edge by supporting the league through sponsorship donations, which also gives them a huge advantage by promoting their business on the leagues website.

“It’s a no-brainer,” said Eric Willis, General Manger of DCH Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Temecula.

Last year, DCH came in as the title sponsor for the league and the relationship has once again been put into place for the spring and fall seasons of 2012.

Now, more and more business are jumping at the chance to want to sponsor the league including Pechanga Resort and Casino, Dicks Sporting goods, Stadium Pizza, and Sports Authority just to name a few, but now here comes the kicker because the Valley News has decided to jump in and help as well.

This season, the Valley News and TYB will be working hand in hand to deliver an even greater incentive to the league’s team sponsors as well.

“We require each team to bring in a sponsor that will contribute $250, which gives us the ability to add brand new equipment as well as training aids and nice new uniforms from Tri-Lakes Sportswear each year,” said Sponsorship Director, Ann Raineri. “The sponsor gets an awesome plaque and their name and logo go on the team’s online page that is a part of our brand new website, but now that we are working with the Valley News, sponsors will get some added value by having their business featured in a free week-long advertisement that will run in the newspaper.”

The league has set some guidelines for the sponsors to be able to take advantage of the advertisement offer that is being done with our newspaper at the Valley News and all the details can be found online at the leagues website.

If you, or your business, would like to find out more, visit


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