Unique San Diego agriculture thrives

More than 14 percent of the nation’s agricultural exports come from California. The state produces over one-third of the country’s vegetables and two-thirds of the fruits and nuts. Contrary to what many people in Northern California may think much of California’s abundance originates from Southern California. The farms and farmers here are unique in many ways. […]

Agriculture is vital

This week at the San Diego County Farm Bureau’s annual installation and awards celebration in Fallbrook, I was proud to recognize Gary Crouch with an Assembly Resolution honoring him as “Farmer of the Year.” As the owner of Mountain Meadow Mushrooms, Crouch has been active in the Farm Bureau for decades and was one of the […]

San Diego’s agriculture: food for the world

This region is a major contributor to California’s longstanding status as the nation’s leading agricultural state. Locally grown crops including citrus, avocados, strawberries, olives, grapes and cut flowers have put San Diego in the top tier of the nation’s agricultural counties. California’s 76,400 farms produce over one-third of the country’s vegetables and two-thirds of its […]

Creating new sources of water

Since agriculture in our region depends largely on imported water, I have long supported initiatives to increase local supplies, including the use of recycled water. As many of you know, while a member of the Escondido City Council, I was an early supporter of a plan to use treated wastewater to irrigate citrus and avocado […]

Murrieta Mustangs host 4-H Presentation Day

Murrieta Mustangs host 4-H Presentation Day

Oftentimes when people learn about 4-H clubs they believe the clubs are only for youths that want to raise animals or learn to sew. The 4-H Club program is about much more than raising animals or learning to sew a dress; it’s about enrichment education through inquiry based learning. The Murrieta Mustangs 4-H Club based […]