County receives $6 million grant for new program to help stop offenders from recommitting crimes

RIVERSIDE – A $6 million grant will help Riverside County officials provide mental-health and substance-abuse treatment that may reduce the chances people will commit crimes again after they are released from jail. The grant from the Board of State and Community Corrections funds a new program operated by Riverside University Health System-Behavioral Health. The services will be provided to eligible […]

Crime up slightly in Wildomar, official says

Wildomar city council heard an update from city’s police chief at the June 14 council meeting. Crime statistics were up slightly for January 2017 through May 2017 compared to the same time last year, said Capt. David Anne, who serves the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office as police chief of Wildomar and Lake Elsinore. Both cities […]

LAKE ELSINORE: Trial begins for fatal stabbing

A jury was seated May 26 in the trial of a probationer accused of fatally beating and stabbing a Lake Elsinore man during an attack sparked by a family quarrel. Andy Dean Abegg, 35, could face 26 years to life in state prison if convicted of murder with a sentence-enhancing weapon allegation for the 2014 […]

TEMECULA: Ex-con arrested for gun possession

TEMECULA – An ex-con accused of possessing a handgun and ammunition remained jailed today. The weapon was discovered when sheriff’s deputies were dispatched at 1 a.m. Friday to the 28900 block of Newport Road in response to reports of a “suspicious person looking inside parked vehicles,” said Riverside County Sheriff’s Sgt. Daniel Hernandez. However, Daniels […]

Mandates for state prisons crippling county jails

Mandates for state prisons crippling county jails

According to data collected by cities and counties throughout California, crime is up across the board. Law enforcement agencies, government organizations and citizens alike have felt the dramatic increase in crime and are beginning to question what caused the drastic fluctuation and how to stop what law enforcement officials from across the state are calling […]

Taxes should only be raised when there’s no other good option

Senator Dennis Hollingsworth (ret.) Special to Valley News We’ve all heard it too many times to count in the past eight or nine years, “There’s just no other option, we have to raise taxes.” The reasons vary; too few revenues, not enough spending to go around. And then there’s my personal favorite: “Because these cuts […]