Strategies to increase the value of a financial legacy

Rich M. Groff II Special to Valley News After a lifetime of accumulating money, it’s common for retirees to start thinking about their legacy and what they want to leave to their children, grandchildren or a favorite charitable cause. But despite the dollar signs they see on investment and bank accounts, there’s no guarantee loved […]

San Jacinto financial advisors report small investment gains

After a lengthy review of the city’s $20 million investment portfolios, the San Jacinto City Council learned they have made only small gains in the marketplace due to a sluggish but improving economy as reported by their two financial advisory firms. “I really expected more,” Mayor Scott Miller said after hearing from their two investment […]

Reduce stress and anxiety in your financial life

Al Zdenek Special to Valley News Trading in your morning coffee run to Starbucks for the pot of coffee in the office is never fun, but when finances get tight that drive-thru stop might be one of the first things to go. But do you really need to give up the little things in life […]

Beating cancer shouldn’t force patients into bankruptcy

Kenneth E. Thorpe and Patricia J. Goldsmith Special to Valley News Liza Bernstein survived breast cancer three times, but it took all she had. She lost her home and savings to the cost of tests and treatments. She’s not technically bankrupt, but that’s only because she “couldn’t afford the fees” to file the claim. Bernstein […]

Resolve to replace bad financial habits

Nathaniel Sillin Special to Valley News Most people have at least one bad financial habit. Whether it’s impulse shopping, forgetting to pay bills on time or putting off building that emergency fund, balancing what they want to do and what they should do is never easy. The New Year is the perfect time to identify […]

When the question is, ‘Is bankruptcy right for me?’

For many people, declaring bankruptcy is not only a financial decision; but sometimes a personal one. Therefore, no one can really advise someone if bankruptcy is right for them. However, factors against it such as the stigma of filing bankruptcy have considerably lessened over the years. Moreover, the federal government has deliberately carved out a […]