Hill Recovery continues to pursue abstinence-based medication-assisted treatment

TEMECULA – Addiction treatment has, for the last 40 years, relied on various medications to enhance safe detoxification. Medications, like benzodiazepines – Valium, Klonipin, Ativan, etc. – allow physicians to slowly help the brain to achieve homeostasis and avoid life-threatening seizures or delirium tremens. Other medications, like Disulfiram or Antabuse, have served to dissuade alcoholics […]

Does my child have an alcohol or drug problem or is it just a phase?

TEMECULA – National statistics have said that 82 percent of children will have used alcohol, or some other drug, before graduating from high school. Upward of 15 percent will go on to experience a lifetime of problems related to their use of substances. The question for all parents facing this situation is “In which category […]

Hill Recovery offers patient guarantees

TEMECULA – Addiction and its withdrawal create a paralyzing combination of shame and fear. These emotions feed the ever-present denial system that confuses family members or other loved ones. Recognizing and reducing this fear and shame is of paramount concern for Hill Recovery, 41877 Enterprise Circle N. Suite 100, in Temecula. To that end, the […]