Letter to the Editor: Election

  Dear Editor, The challenge for some will be to focus, stay on point, not wander into the Contra affair, Reganomics, Trump called some folks names that are unattractive, etc., etc. So if we could please just focus on this one subject, then a response is welcome. Here we go. What would your thoughts be […]

Hillary Clinton’s Estate Tax Proposal

Dr. Mark Hendrickson Special to Valley News “Hillary Clinton Proposes 65 percent Top Rate for Estate Tax” blared a headline in The Wall Street Journal. Since the current top statutory tax rate on estates is 40 percent, Clinton’s proposal is nothing if not audacious. I can’t recall Barack Obama, our most leftward president, ever calling […]

Disdain for small states and towns makes Clinton vulnerable

Various polls put Hillary Clinton ahead or behind of Donald Trump, but many of these polls themselves explain Clinton’s biggest vulnerability. What is likely to defeat Clinton isn’t Whitewater or Benghazi or her email deletions, nor is it gun control or transgender restrooms.  Clinton is most vulnerable because of her disdain for small states and […]

Tim Sheridan Reacts to Calvert’s Statement on Clinton’s Speech

Tim Sherdian Special to Valley News I find it ironic that Mr. Calvert criticized Hillary Clinton as the status quo candidate given he has been in Washington for 23 ½ years. As I have said throughout the campaign, people want change in Washington, DC. Mr. Calvert has little to show for the over two decades […]

The Clintons’ Crimes in Haiti

My husband and I share something in common with Bill and Hillary Clinton. We spent our honeymoon in Haiti. It was on that trip that we first encountered real poverty, the likes of which most U.S. citizens have never seen or even imagined. After the overthrow of the Duvalier regime, we had great hope for […]

Democratic presidential candidates leave a lot to be desired

Every year we have a presidential election, I love to watch the debates and do my research so I can be an informed voter. Debate night is kind of like date night in my house as my husband and I settle down with a bowl of popcorn to see what potential presidential candidates from each […]

Lawmaker says Hillary Clinton indictment ‘long’ overdue

RIVERSIDE – A Riverside County lawmaker weighed in Friday, Jan. 29 on the email-gate scandal swirling around Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, saying she believed it was “long past the time for indictment” of the former secretary of state. “Everything about my job in the U.S. Navy was classified,” said Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, R-Lake […]