Temecula council sets course as state preps for legal marijuana

Temecula’s resistance to medical marijuana continued to soften last week, but recreational customers will likely need to look elsewhere when voter-approved legalization takes effect Jan. 1. Although that stance could change in the coming months, the city council followed its established course during a May 9 hearing that was punctuated by lobbying from marijuana advocates. […]

California Proposition 64, the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative, will go before voters Nov. 8

According to Ballotpedia.com, a yes vote on Prop 64 would legalize the recreational use of marijuana for those aged 21 years or older and establish certain sales and cultivation taxes. A no vote would oppose the legalization of recreational marijuana. While the State of California legalized medical marijuana, the possession or use of marijuana for […]

Prop 64 opens the door to more problems for Californians

This year there are a slew of ballot measures for Californians to consider come the November elections. Perhaps one of the most talked about is the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative otherwise known as, Prop 64. According to an article recently published in the International Business Times, 58 percent of Californians polled support the measure that would […]