Ramona Elementary School staff creates The Nesting Place for families

HEMET – Staff members at Ramona Elementary School are dedicated to supporting not only the students they serve, but their families as well. In an effort to build relationships with families and provide a need to families that may be struggling, Principal Stacy Sorenson and counselor Richard Patterson created The Nesting Place. The Nesting Place […]

How to win friends and keep them

How to win friends and keep them

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves. Philippians 2:3 In ancient Greek mythology, there was once a man named Narcissus who noticed his reflection in the still of the stream. He immediately fell in love with his reflection and sat there gazing at his beauty night and […]

Couples should agree on four money issues

Al Jacobs Special to Valley News Spouses often harbor different opinions on a variety of subjects. From the style of clothes and haircuts they like on each other to the TV shows they watch every evening, marriage requires plenty of compromise. While frivolous things such as choosing between “Monday Night Football” and “Dancing with the Stars” might conjure up […]

Do the children really know how you feel?

Experts will constantly tell you that good communication is a necessary element in any successful relationship. While we generally think of that advice in relation to spouses, friends and co-workers, one of the most important relationships to evaluate for good communication is with our children. Do your children really know how you feel about them? […]

How to help a friend in need

It usually isn’t difficult to offer help to a friend or relative. Maybe they need short-term financial assistance, advice about an upcoming vacation or maybe just a ride to a doctor’s appointment. Most of us are ready to step up and help when it’s small things like that. But in some cases, offering help can […]

Making your point without arguing

We all face problems that crop up again and again. Most of us have probably yelled, “How many times have I told you?” and yet the behavior that drives us crazy continues to occur. The reason for our frustration may be that we talk when we really ought to be acting. You’ve heard the expression, […]

Surviving a broken heart

Yes, Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but perhaps it wasn’t a happy holiday for you. Love may be wonderful, but not every relationship is going to last forever. When the present love of your life announces that they are out the door, it’s anything but wonderful. So how does one cope with the loss […]

How to win people over

How to win people over

Have you ever wondered what to do with really difficult people? You know the people who are constantly in a bad mood are impossible to cheer up and seem to suck the life right out of you. If you haven’t encountered these people yet I would guess you will before too long. Chances are you […]