Murrieta Temecula Republican Assembly hosts Debunking Evolution lecture

TEMECULA – Nearly two-thirds of students will reject their faith by the time they’ve finished college, the result of a constant bombardment of secular lessons. A new nonprofit project, “Debunking Evolution,” aims to combat that influence by teaching students the scientific case against evolution. The project’s creators said they are “committed to providing Christian families with Biblically […]

Hemet/ San Jacinto Republican women’s groups sponsor candidate forum

Hemet/ San Jacinto Republican women’s groups sponsor candidate forum

Hemet’s Simpson Center became the location for a local Republican election forum with 10 Republican candidates for various elected offices in San Jacinto and Hemet including the two cities, Valley Wide Recreation District and the two city school boards. Republican voters and other area residents had an opportunity to question each of the candidates’ reasons […]

This is how democrats manipulate African-American voters

To the Editor, For 50 years, African-Americans have voted for democrats. Seventy to 90 percent of African-American voters, vote democrat every election cycle. The democrats have broken the code and use it against African-Americans every election. Justifiably, African-Americans are angry and disappointed by their opportunities in America. Broken homes, failing and unsafe schools, lack of […]

Looking forward to a productive New Year

The first half of the 2015-2016 legislative session is now history. As we move forward, challenges remain and contentious debate about many issues is likely. Even so, there is hope for a constructive year. Fortunately, there seems to be a growing consensus among the newer members that California’s economic problems cannot be solved by ever-increasing […]

Free your Congressman from the house monarchy

Last week, our republic dodged a bullet when, at the 11th hour, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced that he was removing himself from consideration for speaker of the House. His surprise announcement came after John Boehner had assembled all GOP House members to elect his replacement. Speaker Boehner, who is supposed to retire at […]