State Water Resources Control Board commits to timetable for Salton Sea restoration

State Water Resources Control Board commits to timetable for Salton Sea restoration

The State Water Resources Control Board on Tuesday committed to an annual timetable for habitat restoration and dust suppression projects aimed at rehabilitating the Salton Sea over the course of the next decade. The agreement sets milestones for completing projects within the $383 million Salton Sea Management Plan, which calls for construction of 29,800 acres […]

UC Riverside study links Salton Sea dust to cardiovascular disease, other illnesses

RIVERSIDE – A recent study by UC Riverside scientists regarding the dry, exposed Salton Sea lakebed known as playa found that its dust emissions can be linked to cardiovascular disease and death, as well as respiratory illnesses, researchers said today. The study, which involved collecting playa soils between August 2015 and February 2016, found that […]

Supervisors unanimously adopt positions on federal, state issues

RIVERSIDE – Riverside County supervisors unanimously approved a legislative platform for 2016, stating the county’s position on frivolous lawsuits, environmental regulations, the Salton Sea, drones, veterans services and other issues. Both federal and state priorities were on the agenda during the Board of Supervisors’ first meeting of the year. County staff from multiple agencies drew […]

Stone says “time for action” in restoring shrinking Salton Sea

RIVERSIDE – An Inland Empire lawmaker today called for an end to studies on how to preserve the receding Salton Sea and vowed increased efforts to find a near-term solution for preserving what he dubbed California’s “largest lake.” “Much of the water now flowing into the sea could stop flowing in just a couple of years unless something […]