Temecula presses ahead with second Veterans Memorial at Duck Pond Park

Temecula plans to soon add another pearl to its necklace of sculptures and memorials at the popular Duck Pond Park. The recently approved memorial, dubbed “Fallen Heroes,” would be the second piece at the park with a military theme. The proposed memorial, which will cost about $184,000 to create and install, is intended to honor […]

Temecula council sets course as state preps for legal marijuana

Temecula’s resistance to medical marijuana continued to soften last week, but recreational customers will likely need to look elsewhere when voter-approved legalization takes effect Jan. 1. Although that stance could change in the coming months, the city council followed its established course during a May 9 hearing that was punctuated by lobbying from marijuana advocates. […]

Temecula sets change in city council election method

The threat of costly litigation has prompted Temecula City Council members to shift from at-large elections to geographic districts. By taking that action, Temecula joins an array of public agencies throughout the region and the state to change the way their leaders are elected. The change – slated to take effect in November 2018 – […]

Temecula City Council prioritizes new revenue

TEMECULA – In a midyear budget workshop, Jan. 26, the Temecula City Council prioritized spending of expected Measure S revenue for three months. Measure S, passed by the voters in November, is a new 1 percent sales tax effective April 1. It is estimated that Measure S will generate $5.75 million for the remaining three […]

Inland Empire Taxpayers urge ‘No’ on Temecula tax increase

Dear Editor, The Temecula City Council voted unanimously to place a 1 percent sales tax increase on the November ballot. The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association strongly urges a “No” vote on Measure S. To convince people to tax themselves more, the City is using public safety as a scare tactic and luring voters with the […]

Temecula council tackles panhandling as concerns escalate over homelessness

Temecula council tackles panhandling as concerns escalate over homelessness

  Tougher rules governing panhandling and loitering were recently approved by Temecula’s council as a way to curb the impacts of homelessness. That action – along with stepped-up work by an alliance of agencies and local governments – heightened the city’s focus on what it calls a “pressing regional concern.” The problem of aggressive panhandling […]

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