Study finds DTP vaccine increases mortality in young infants 5 to tenfold compared to unvaccinated infants

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Special to Valley News For many years, public health advocates have vainly urged the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization to conduct studies comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations to measure overall health outcomes. Now a team of Scandinavian scientists has conducted such a study, and the results are […]

California Assembly passes vaccination bill

California Assembly passes vaccination bill

Much to the chagrin of those who spoke out against it, the California Assembly passed SB-277 today. The controversial Senate Bill requires all children to be vaccinated against childhood diseases before being allowed to attend a public school. The bill, supported by Temecula Senator Jeff Stone, does away with most exemptions that parents have claimed in […]

Vaccinations are a must for everyone

I just read something alarming. According to a report from California County News, an agency we use to keep abreast of what is happening throughout the state, some parents were planning on throwing and attending measles parties. The intent is to intentionally expose children to measles in “hope of building up immunity” to negate the need for a vaccine. Upon finishing the article, I had to wonder to myself, “What are these parents thinking?”