13-year-old Lake Elsinore resident lands roles from ‘Les Miserables’ to ‘Barbie’

Theater and film actor Kiley Moore, 13, at her Lake Elsinore home. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo

Local 13-year-old actress Kiley Moore has been in a variety of theater productions and films, from local productions to being called back to Broadway in New York as one of the top final 20 candidates.

While Moore didn’t land the role on Broadway, she has done some voice-over work for “Barbie,” in the movie “Barbie Dolphin Magic.” One of the songs in the movie, “Treasure,” has over 8 million views on YouTube. Kiley played the singing voice of Chelsea, and it was recorded at Math Club Music in Los Angeles.

“I started acting when I was 5,” Moore said. “I had gone to an open call audition for an extra part, and while I was on set, they ended up coming up to my mom and they said that they really liked how professional I was, and that they wanted me to star in two of their movies.”

The movies, “The Trees Have Names” and “House of Sand and Sea” were both written and directed by Jennifer DiMarco.

Moore has done various work in Hemet, Los Angeles and Washington, along with several other places.

“When she auditioned for Broadway, we got a call on a Friday night saying Kiley had made it to the final round, and that she had to be in New York that following Monday,” Andrea Moore, Kiley Moore’s mother, said.

“Broadway is my main goal, sort of my dream,” Kiley Moore said. “Film is also a lot of fun, but I think right now I’m really focusing on theater.”

Moore goes to vocal coach Candy Fodera to have help with singing roles.

“When you’re taking a voice lesson or a session, you start with warming up and vocalizing and getting your voice prepared, using different vocalizing techniques to work on: tone, breathing, diction and placement, so we spend time on that and then we spend time working through particular pieces,” Fodera said.

Fodera first met Moore when she auditioned for a stage production of “Annie.”

“We saw potential in her because she was great onstage and had some really wonderful skills as an actor, but her voice wasn’t able to sing the part of Annie so she didn’t get the part of Annie, even though we really liked who she was,” Fodera said. “She was one of the other children in the show, and she did a wonderful job because she’s just so teachable.”

Fodera works on hitting high notes with Moore.

“We’ve just seen huge strides in her ability to have greater range in her singing,” she said. “She’s grown so much. It’s really learning to use what you have to the best of your ability.”

When Moore gets handed a script, she has several practice techniques to help her memorize it, and she goes over lines with her mother.

She has played stage roles ranging from young Cosette in “Les Miserables” and Jane Banks in “Mary Poppins,” and she won the Inland Theatre League Award for the show, “The Worst Christmas Pageant Ever.”

Moore is currently working on a cabaret called “The Love Show,” Feb. 14-15, a two-hour production of 18 different acts performing songs related around the theme of love at the Diamond Valley Arts Center in Hemet.

“She auditioned for our first show in June,” Kami Martin, artistic director for the Harvard Street Theatre Company, said. “Her mom and Kiley showed up, they were the first ones there, she sang for us and just blew us away.”

Martin said that Moore is always very open to suggestions.

“Whatever I ask her to do, she’s cooperative,” she said. “Sometimes I suggest other songs and she takes it and runs with it.”

At the cabaret in October, one of the performing acts had dropped out last minute due to an emergency.

“I asked Kiley if she could do another song, and she jumped right in and did two songs in about one day’s notice,” Martin said. “She’s a good little actress.”

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