RIVERSIDE (CNS) – No additional deaths connected to the coronavirus were reported Friday, Oct. 16 in Riverside County, as health officials announced 159 newly confirmed cases and one additional hospitalization related to the virus countywide.
The aggregate number of COVID-19 infections recorded since the public health documentation period began in early March is 63,284, compared to 63,125 on Thursday, according to the Riverside University Health System.
The death toll remains unchanged at 1,269.
RUHS figures show 148 people are hospitalized for virus-related treatment, one more than the day before. That number includes 44 intensive care unit patients, two more than Thursday.
All COVID-19 hospitalization counts are currently at or below levels reported in April.
The number of known active cases countywide is 4,621, down 62 from Thursday. The active count is derived by subtracting deaths and recoveries from the current total — 63,284 — according to the County Executive Office. The number of verified patient recoveries is 57,394.
Officials announced Tuesday that Riverside County is at risk of being moved back into the purple tier, the most restrictive classification, under the state’s public health regulation framework, because testing levels are below the threshold established for large counties and case rates are higher. But at the county’s request, the California Department of Public Health decided to leave the county as-is until a one-week review of data can be completed.
Gov. Gavin Newsom’s color-coded tier system relies on testing thresholds, case positivity rates and “equity” metrics to determine how a county should be classified. Riverside County moved out of the purple tier and into the less restrictive red tier last month.

The red tier allows for some indoor businesses to resume operations with limited capacities. More information is available at https://covid19.ca.gov/safer-economy/.
According to the CDPH, the county now has a COVID-19 per-day case count of 8.1 per 100,000 people, but that has been adjusted to 9.2 per 100,000 because testing thresholds are below what the state prefers. Generally, a jurisdiction must fall below a daily count of 7 per 100,000 to qualify for the red tier. On the other hand, the county’s testing positivity rate is 5.9%, which is well within red tier criteria.