1,788 new homes, parks, school proposed in 7 years

San Jacinto Police motorcyle Officer Cox displays this new fully equipped BMW motorcycle that will be patrolling the city streets. The motor was brought into the San Jacinto City Council chambers for the council and visitors to get a firsthand look at it Tuesday, Jan. 7. Valley News/Tony Ault photo

San Jacinto City Council extends development agreements on two residential home projects

The San Jacinto City Council in its first reading extended the development agreement times for two land developers to submit their specific plans and other information before building hundreds of new homes on four land tracts in the city in the next 7 years.

The two developers, Henghour Investment Holding Inc. and Curci San Jacinto Investors LLC. in different actions, asked the council at the Jan. 7 city council meeting, to amend their earlier development agreements to give them seven more years to sell and plan the projects with builders in keeping with the city’s general plan. The projects were exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines, because the project was previously analyzed with the adoption of environmental impact reports for their specific plans and tentative tract maps and tentative parcel maps and approved by the city planning commission in December.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Lt. Ken Reichle was appointed by the contracted sheriff’s department to take the reins as San Jacinto’s newest police chief. He introduces himself at the San Jacinto City Council meeting Jan. 7. Valley News/Tony Ault photo

Henghour Investment, through their representative Shizao Zheng, provided a sketch and some details of their plans to build what they are calling The Villages of San Jacinto to the council.

The Villages of San Jacinto, according to the initial specific plan documents, would consist of 475 acres with 1,322 dwelling units on 204 acres, institutional uses such as a high school on 62 acres, recreational uses including 43 acres of parks, a 5 acres for a clubhouse and swimming lagoon, an 11-acre lake, 23 acres of commercial development and 26 acres of mixed-use. The Villages specific plan is located on the westerly side of Sanderson Avenue, south of Ramona Boulevard and north of the Eastern Municipal Water District’s San Jacinto Valley Regional Water Reclamation Facility.

The amendment would require the developer to pay a city development agreement fee in the amount of $2,500 per residential dwelling unit and $1 per square foot of floor area of non-residential development – commercial or industrial – at the time of issuance of certificate of occupancy.

The request was granted on its first reading with a 3-0 vote of the council with Councilmembers Alonso Ledesma and Russ Utz, who were both out with the flu.

A similar request for extending the development agreement times for seven years by Curci investors for its planned development that includes three different tracts in a different area of the city was heard by the council in its first reading.

The tracts are located on vacant farmland between Cypress and Alessandro avenues bordered by the Ramona Expressway in the northeast. They will include 466 residential units with some commercial buildings along the expressway.

The Curci development agreement is different with the city looking at collecting $2,000 per dwelling unit completed in the first three years and $2,500 per dwelling unit in the remaining four years. The initial agreement set $1,000 per dwelling unit if it were completed before the extension.

“Hope that will give them an incentive to build faster,” Mayor Andrew Kotyuk said upon the council approving the amendments first reading.

Earlier in the meeting the San Jacinto beauty queens led the Pledge of Allegiance and looked over the San Jacinto Police Department’s newest BMW motorcycle unit, showing the police department’s new star decal. On hand for the viewing were the city’s new San Jacinto police Chief Lt. Ken Reichle, Riverside County Sheriff’s Hemet Station commander Capt. Leonard Purvis and motorcycle Officer Cox. Officer Cox will have the new motorcycle for 30 days when other motor officers will be able to try it out before more arrive.

Reichle was introduced to the council by Purvis who cited his long 21-year record in different positions with the Riverside Sheriff’s Department.

The council on the second reading gave its consent to adopt an ordinance amending its residential zones off street parking and loading standards, accessory structures and uses, for special land uses, home occupation permits and definitions of the city’s Municipal Code relating to accessory dwelling units and determining the ordinance was exempt from CEQA.

City Manager Rob Johnson reported Richmond American Model Homes Seasons at Potter Ranch at Lyon Avenue and Ramona Boulevard were under construction with 71 new homes coming soon in the tract; DR Horton Palisade homes were in their framing stages; the Dollar Tree commercial project had its footings in with the pre-slab inspection now complete; and the Top Grill in the Aldi Shopping Center is now open.

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