A letter from our publisher Julie Reeder


While most of the community is working from home, or off of work altogether, Village News/Valley News/Anza Valley Outlook is part of “Essential Personnel” as outlined in Federal guidelines. We are out covering stories, taking photos and delivering papers. Be confident that our award-winning editorial staff is working 24/7 to keep everyone updated.

We are also thankful that we started carrying national news in addition for our readers last year.

We exist for times like this. We have a responsibility and we are proud to carry it out. While we put out information over the last few weeks about COVID-19, we are working now on a special issue for Thursday. I’m super proud of my staff’s hard work. We will be letting people know what they can do for their neighbors if needed as well.
We will get through this historic event. We actually know a lot about this virus, there are medicines in the pipeline and the local, state and national government has been extraordinarily responsive. I pray that you can use this time to reconnect with your friends and family – remotely!
Please social distance the best you can, wash your hands and build your immune system with lots of oranges or Vit C, Vitamin D, zinc, and if you can eat fresh garlic it is antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial. A strong immune system is a great defense.
Take care and stay safe.
Julie Reeder