A picture is worth a thousand words

A rainbow shines over the flag on the Daily family ranch in De Luz Saturday, Nov. 7, in this photo from Jonathan Arbel. Valley News/Jonathan Arbel photo

This week our American system of checks and balances is working the way it is supposed to, and legal challenges, whistleblowers, etc. are having their day in court. In addition, there was a record number of people who voted.

It is all good news. Several news agencies declared the winner before the counting was complete. Soon enough the winner will be apparent and official, and no matter who wins, we should all be on the same side and work together.

This week in the midst of the turmoil of the election, many people in our community were blessed by Jonathan Arbel’s photo, taken in the morning Saturday, Nov. 7, in De Luz while we were enjoying the rain.

Here’s what he said about his experience posting the photo, “The photograph seems to have sparked something in lots of people, by all the comments on social media, it seems to have captured a collective feeling that we all felt that day. It meant so many different things to so many different people, It totally caught us off guard. One of my biggest takeaways was that out of hundreds of Facebook comments and almost two thousand likes and a ton of shares, the comments and feedback was all positive and beyond.  How often does that happen on social media?”

It evoked emotion in the community.

The caption under the photo read, “Mother Nature just got the memo, her timing was impeccable. 8:26 a.m. 11/07/2020.”

It was a good day for him and his wife, and they were hopeful and ecstatic.

For me, it was a reminder of how beauty is all around us. I loved that there was an American flag in the middle of it.

According to Arbel, the flag is on their neighbor’s property, the Daily family ranch, and it’s made of flowers and paint. It’s so great.

No matter how the next few weeks shake out, we still will live in a great community with amazing people who may think differently than we do, but they are great people. Let’s continue to talk and discuss the topics of the day over a nice meal and appreciate all the lovely gifts we’ve been given in each other and in our amazing community and country.

Julie Reeder can be reached by email at jreeder@reedermedia.com.