Al Rubio sworn in as chairman of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce

Al Rubio
Al Rubio. Valley News/Courtesy photo

Al Rubio, a resident of our beautiful valley for over 30 years, is a widely respected local business professional associated with DCH Auto Group who has been quite active in the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce almost since the day he made his home here with his lovely wife, Rita. He has long been a fixture at numerous chamber and city events over the years who lights up any venue in which he is present. He is the type of outgoing and personable gentleman whose smile and demeanor are infectious in a most positive way. It is his love of people and many contributions to the success of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce that earned him the post of chairman of the board, to which he was elected by his fellow board members early in 2020.

“I am truly honored to have been elected chairman of the board by my peers for 2020 and look forward to working closely with them to help the chamber continue to grow and prosper while serving the needs of our local business community,” Rubio said. “The Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce is an amazing resource for local businesses and nonprofit organizations, and a major partner with the city of Temecula in guiding the growth and prosperity of this great community.”

Rubio first settled in the Temecula Valley with his wife in 1990. At that time, he went to work for La Masters Jewelry. He had been in the jewelry business for many years at that point and enjoyed a career in that industry for more than 25 years before being recruited to go to work for Norm Reeves Auto Group.

“I joined Rotary International in 1993 because of my strong desire to give back to the community, first with the Temecula Sunrise Rotary Club, where I served as president for the 1998-1999, and then the Rotary Club of Old Town, serving as president for 2008-2009. Soon thereafter I joined the Noon Rotary Club,” Rubio said. “Over the years while working at La Masters and being actively involved in Rotary, I made many friends in the community, including Dick Kennedy, who was also active in Rotary and worked for Norm Reeves Auto Group. It was Dick who recruited me to go to work for Norm Reeves, which eventually became DCH Auto Group.”

Originally hired to be a sales trainer at Norm Reeves Auto Group, Rubio soon thereafter became their director of human resources. He now serves as director of fleet and VIP purchase program manager for DCH. His active involvement in the community and the numerous contacts he has made over the years have significantly contributed to his ability to steer a great deal of business to DCH. But it is really his passion for serving his community that drives him.

“We are truly blessed in the valley to have so many fantastic nonprofit organizations and diverse businesses here, in addition to our outstanding educational system and incredible civic leaders that have made Temecula such a remarkable place to live, work and raise families,” Rubio said. “The Chamber of Commerce works hand in hand with all of these community partners to ensure that we remain the vibrant community that we have become. It is extremely gratifying to be in a position to play even a small part.”
Rubio, who was also presented with the Chairman’s Choice Award by outgoing Board Chairman Brian Connors at the recent TVCC annual Awards Gala held at Pechanga Resort and Casino, said his highest priority as the new chairman is to help ensure that Chamber CEO Emily Falappino and her capable staff have all the tools they need to best serve their member.

“While growing chamber membership is always a high priority, retention of members is equally important, and I pledge to do all that I can to help our board of directors and chamber leadership in this regard,” Rubio said.

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Submitted by Lynn Effinger