Answer to your question: ‘What is happening at Faith Baptist Church?’

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Since you asked the question, I thought you might like an answer.

I have been a member of Faith Baptist Church for about five years. I am not writing to defend my pastor or anyone. There have been some terrible mistakes made. No doubt.

But the flip side of that coin is that Faith Baptist Church has been serving the Lord and the community for over 35 years. Have mistakes been made? Of course. And the ones that were made are terrible.

What I am speaking to is what I have observed.

Faith Baptist Church supports over 100 missionaries worldwide.

Faith Baptist Church has a dynamic youth group with a desire to serve the Lord. Many of our young people are headed for a foreign mission field, many serving on staff of churches or started churches of their own.

Faith Baptist Church, without fail, have people going into the community every week to tell our neighbors what the Bible says about going to heaven or going to hell. We have a group of people who go into the jails to deliver the same message. On Sunday afternoons, there are people going into rest homes to tell the elderly that God loves them, even when a lot of them have been forgotten by their own families.

So while I know you probably don’t care about the positive side, the aforementioned things are also what is happening at Faith Baptist Church.

Joan Carey