Anza Lions Club seeks volunteers

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As the Anza Lions Club and the Anza Disaster Preparedness Group, we added to our last meeting agenda updating our compiled lists of homebound, volunteers and a plan of action if we get quarantined or martial law.

Volunteers for wellness checks, food and medical deliveries for homebound, coordinating efforts from home, keeping lists updated, donations of supplies for those in need and gas cards for delivery volunteers were discussed.

We also organized efforts of children who rely on the busses who cannot get to the school for food and are in need. To add a homebound child or adult, or immunocompromised people to the list, add your name as a volunteer, donate or give your input of ideas for helping our community, call or text (760) 637-9173.

With the storms, internet may be out and may not reach us in a timely manner. Our email address is

We are thrilled with the many who have stepped up to help. We have been receiving names of those who need assistance, been in contact with food banks and resources to help our community. Thank you everyone, and don’t hesitate to add a name of someone in need or to add your name to volunteer or donate. We also will be implementing a hotline shortly for those who just need an ear, are frightened, etc.

Here’s a descriptive list of what’s needed:

Volunteers are needed to do home checks via phone or in person if no answer after 24hrs; to answer phones for those who just need an ear, are frightened, etc.; to deliver medical supplies, prescriptions, food and essentials; to help us with lists of those in need and those willing to help; to help pick up supplies and to help from home with these lists and coordination.

Donations of supplies and gas cards for volunteers making deliveries are needed along with non-perishable and perishable items, medical supplies and toiletries.

A list of homebound children who can’t make it to school for free food is needed so we can deliver food to them, along with medical, homebound, immunocompromised or other special needs or diet restrictions of those in need.

Input, ideas, etc. are needed for a plan of action if mandatory quarantine or martial law is set into place.

Many things can be done from home and every tiny bit helps tremendously. With storms and spotty internet phone, calls and texts are best to (760) 637-9173.

Having been the designated evacuation site since 1976, know that this coordination is a service Anza Lions has been providing for those in need in our community for decades. Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion! We will continue to do so long after this emergency is over. These lists help us not only during emergencies, fires, earthquakes, etc but also on a day-to-day basis. We will get through this together!

As always, please use common sense, if you have cooties stay home and call us with your information so we can help.

Practice good hygiene. And for sanity sake, turn off the news and shut off social media. There’s a lot of misinformation going around, and panic only adds to the frenzy. To those who are healthy, support our local businesses as much as possible and thank them for remaining open during this time.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts from the Anza Lions Club’s board of directors, its membership and volunteers.

Anza Lions Club has several upcoming events, including the second annual Garlic and Bacon Festival May 16, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., at 39551 Kirby Road in Anza. The festival will feature a carnival this year, along with garlic and bacon cookoffs, contests, prizes, vendors, food, music by Rollies and raffles. For more information, email

The Anza Lions Club’s Rodeo honoring National Day of the Cowboy is Saturday, July 25, and Sunday, July 26, at 39551 Kirby Road, in Anza. The rodeo features mutton busting, ranch bronc riding, bull riding, team roping, barrel racing, team ranch branding, ranch team sorting, ranch steer stopping and calf scramble. More information is available at

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