Art Council Menifee names rapper Josh Brady as its June Artist of the Month

Josh Brady
Rapper Josh Brady. Courtesy photo

Josh Brady was named Arts Council Menifee’s artist of the month for June.

Brady, 17, is a lifelong Menifee resident and has been enriching the city’s creative culture for the past several years. Music was something that was always present in his life, he said.

He remembers listening to all types of music with his father that would later be very influential on his creative endeavors. Artists like Sublime, Dr. Dre and countless others planted the seeds of creativity that later blossomed, enriching Brady’s creative expression.

The beats of the music that he listened to always spoke to Brady, and in the sixth grade, he decided to start rapping. His father, Josh Brady, and stepmother, Marybeth Manion, were always supportive, he said, and they eventually introduced their son to local music producer, Ben Briggs.

“Ben was awesome to work with and showed me how big the world of music could be, in both creation and production,” Brady recalls.

Josh Brady
Rapper Josh Brady. Courtesy photo

Later in his musical journey, Brady, who is also known by his stage name, Jboogie, began producing his own music. The artist uses professional software to create his own beats and has been cutting his own path in the music industry and in the local creative community.

In early 2019, Brady organized a benefit concert for Arts Council Menifee which included a variety of young musical artists. All proceeds were donated to help fund the organization’s efforts to spread art and culture to the local community.

“The whole experience was surreal, I got to watch all of the people who were all different ages and races coming together over the music that we were making,” Brady said.

After attending Hans Christensen Middle School, he attended Santa Rosa Academy. Brady is a graduating senior with plans to attend Mt. San Jacinto College, get a job and save money for studio time and additional musical development. He plans to continue his education without giving up on his dreams of creating hip-hop.

Brady said his mind is focused on the future, and his motivation, mixed with his raw talent, will ensure that Jboogie is a name that hip-hop listeners will become more familiar with in the coming years.

Like many artists, Brady uses a mixture of life observations and personal experience to write the content of his songs. His well-crafted beats are accompanied by lyrics that are taken from the artist’s own struggles and experiences in life, including some turmoil within his own family life.

“I always strive to bring back the bond that my family once had and am trying to do that with other people too. I hope that the energy of my music may help to bring people together,” Brady said.

Jboogie has tracks available on several streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. The artist recommends the self-produced “Ashtray” and “Lost Tape,” which was produced by Morning Star, to get an idea of what his music is all about. “Lost Tape” is part of an upcoming project entitled “Slime Lord Lost Tapes” that the artist plans to release in summer 2020.

Brady helps to enrich the artistic community of Menifee, and his contributions to ACM’s cause, spreading art to the community, deserves recognition. Look for more to come from this young artist and be sure to check out his music on streaming services.