ATHYRIO club holds craft sale and car show

A motorcycle is displayed at the And the Horse You Rode In On club’s Trading Post and Car Show Saturday, Nov. 16. Diane Sieker photo

The “And the Horse You Rode In On” club held its first Lake Riverside Estates Trading Post and Car Show Saturday, Nov. 16. The event featured local arts and crafts, automobiles and club members and neighbors, assembled at the LRE Community Center grounds.

Sponsored by Carl and Karen Virden, the event attracted car lovers from the local scene to show off their pampered collectibles.

Vintage trucks, muscle cars, buggies, Jeeps, European and Asian cars and a motorcycle were on display. Despite the light covering of fine dust, the machines shined and sparkled. Heads turned when an engine started, as visitors admired each one and listened to the description of each vehicle’s history.

Discovery Channel celebrity Randy Carlson arrived with a vintage Volkswagen bug, while Chris and Kelly Walters displayed three vintage and mint condition rides, a 1967 Chevrolet Malibu, 1979 Chryslers New Yorker Fifth Avenue and an 1984 Chevrolet Corvette.

At the craft section of the grounds, booths stocked by Diane Jones, Rosie Grindle, Helen Rogers-Henry, Katrina Martinez and others presented crafts from original artwork, handmade baskets, macrame and more. Jim Kastner peddled fine saddles, equestrian supplies and tack.

“Thank you to all the crafters and car owners who brought their beautiful works of art,” Cezzanne Jodka said. “Next time will be even bigger and better.”

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