Bee Canyon and Idyllwild Control roads to close for repairs


San Bernardino — Two U.S. Forest Service roads in the San Jacinto Mountains are slated to close for a month for repairs. The popular Bee Canyon Road (5S07) will be closed weekdays from March 9 through April 9, but be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday each week. And nearby Idyllwild Control Road (5S06) will be closed seven days a week from approximately March 16 through April 16 between Apela Drive in Idyllwild and about 1.7 miles to the west in the Chimney Flats area.

“My goal is to limit future long-term closures so visitors can enjoy them all year long,”  District Ranger of the San Jacinto Ranger District Julie Hall said. “So I’m asking engineers and crews to repair the roads in a way that avoids major future washouts and improves the surrounding natural resources.”

Work on Bee Canyon Road will include defining a stream channel and better alignment of the road to better handle large precipitation events. Repairs to Idyllwild Control Road will include drainage improvements to stabilize the road and reduce sedimentation and erosion within the Alvin Meadows area. With water currently pooling on the road, the project will improve meadow functionality by restoring its inbound flow. Work will also decrease the movement of excess sediments into the meadow and surrounding area.

The closures are set for a month each, but will be lifted if work ends earlier. Visitors can check on road statuses by calling the San Jacinto Ranger District office at (909) 382-2921.

Submitted by the U.S. Forest Service, San Jacinto Ranger District.