Sage Town Hall Association Barbecue unveils surprise announcement

Sage Town Hall Association members enjoy the member appreciation event Saturday, Aug. 17, at the Collins Ranch in Sage. Sharyn Dana photo
The Sage Town Hall Association member appreciation event took place Saturday, Aug. 17, hosted by the Collins Ranch with artists, musical entertainment, food and a surprise announcement. “STHA is proud to announce that with hard work, determination, and the incredible support of Mr. Chuck Washington, Opal Hellweg, Olivia Balderrama and the rest of the phenomenal staff in our county supervisor’s office, as well as Tom Mullen in the Riverside County Mapping Department, we were able to receive an official map of Sage, California.” association secretary Lyndi Dana said at the event. Lyn Sears, a wood burning artist, displays her work at the Sage Town Hall Association member appreciation at the Collins Ranch in Sage.  Sha
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