60th anniversary commemorations help explain newspapers’ resilience

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Some 60th anniversary commemorations this year help explain why newspapers will survive the internet the way they survived television 60 years ago and radio 30 years before that.Mattel introduced two dolls in 1959. Chatty Cathy talked. Barbie didn’t. The more advanced technology doesn’t always prevail.A talking doll was state of the art in 1959. Today a toy which talks has an external button or an internal button which is pushed to activate a digital recording. Chatty Cathy had a ring on her back which pulled an attached string, and when the string was pulled Chatty Cathy responded with one of several messages on a miniature record player.Barbie is still being manufactured. Mattel discontinued Chatty Cathy in 1965. Internet news outlets might like to analyze why Barbie o
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