How I overcame the vicious cycle of worry and fear in my life

Stan Popovich is the author of “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear.” Courtesy photo
Do you ever get stuck into that vicious cycle of worrying where you get overwhelmed with worrying and fearful thoughts? In return, this creates more panic and worry and eventually you can’t function because you are a basket case. As the author of a managing fear book, I struggled with fear, anxiety and stress for over 20 years. Eventually, I was able to overcome the endless cycle of fear and anxiety.  Here is a brief summary of what I did to get better. First, I got advice from the professionals. I talked to various counselors since they knew how to deal with fear and anxiety. Whenever I talked to the counselors, I would always bring a notebook and take notes so I would not forget the advice that was given to me. I then used their advice to overcome my anxiety issues. I became
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